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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year 2015

Don't want to get to get too trunky here but oh man I get home this year! It's not too long till then either. Gotta be honest in saying it's hard to not count down a little bit haha. Well work is getting hard here and not seeing too much success. None of our investigators are coming to either branch because we split our efforts instead of working hard on one branch. Kinda caught in the middle of it all. If we could just focus on one branch, one of the branches would be doing really good. Our branch that was leading has been going down because we have not been able to go there as often. They are down to about 29 people when it's usually around 60 people. No investigators in either branch. We have found one street in both areas where we find some success though. In one street we found some kids and did some street teaching. The kids loved it! We taught about how God talks through prophets. The kids want us to teach their families too. Part of this week that drove me crazy was how I had this rash (went to the doctor and I am all better now) and it itched so much! I opened a window and it just fell! I did nothing like being rough and it hit the water pipe so we had no water! I was going insane! We got the pipe fixed the next day though so I am doing so much better now. We did get to go to the senior couple's house and take a nice hot shower the next day. I love that feeling and knowing that really soon I will feel that every day makes me so happy! Well on New Years there was a black out (Happens all the time here in Guyana) and one member drove his motorcycle into the church and turned it on so people could see. I tried to warn everyone that carbon monoxide is pretty bad for you but they kept doing it for the new years eve party. #OnlyInGuyana Then we got in a van a few days later and the van driver stops off at a gas station and goes and takes a shower. What the heck? He brought a change of clothes and everything. Everyone laughed at him. Last story is about a dog. One dog that we always walk by, who I hate so much started to bark at us. I gotta say I kicked him right in the face one time. He tried to scare me and Elder Palavi and so I went to kick him and his buddy comes from behind and bites me right under the butt and runs away! What a chicken dog! It only nipped it but left a small mark. I want to get both those dogs and just kick them in the face and drop them in the trench haha. Well that's about all for this week. See you next week! I won't be saying that for too many weeks anymore now haha.

Street teaching, fun kids

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