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Monday, January 26, 2015

Go Get em Cowboys

Well we just had a really amazing experience. Guyana and it's famous black outs are the worst. This one led to something. We had a hard week and saw only one person with a baptismal date this week. (Korwin) Akeela's mom does not want her to get baptized because her mom believe baptism should be done once. Her mom is pretty hard hearted. Our recent convert Shannon is her neighbor and says that she will have a talk with her. Got the fingers crossed. Korwin is always busy with work and now got malaria. The miracle is that with the black out we went shopping and then got Elder Tupou a haircut and then there was still no power so we saw Rishma who has a baptismal date but she has been in the hospital in Georetown which is really far away all week. We saw her and she is humble both physically and spiritually. We just followed up with her on the Restoration and these trials are helping her want to come to church even more. She really felt our love for her. It was a really good lesson. Now to fill you up on the past 2 weeks. Well I met a Jehovah's Witness couple from Poland and they wanted me to take a picture of them with their iPhone 6 Plus and just about nothing could get me trunkier. I want an iPhone so bad!!!!! We had an exotic meal from the senior couple too. What the heck is lasagna? I am so used to curry now that it has become strange to eat something that is common back at home. I made a few different curries the past week. Shark, gator, iguana and deer. It is almost like my Dad's mission in England but instead of deep fry it's "Throw it in the curry pot!" I better get American food right when I get home though. I will cook curry for home but give me a week or two. I want normal food ha ha. Well Akeela is really smart and remembers it all. She is 15 but like I said her mom does not want her to get baptized. This just drives me crazy! I hate when parents don't let their awesome kids get baptized just because they aren't as cool. Like I said though I made gator curry and it was pretty dang good! My alligator scripture case seemed to stare at me while I ate the curry though. We also bought some iguanas and kept them as "Pets" just for 2 days because we bought them on a Saturday to eat them as a zone on Monday. They didn't last all the way there to the grill so I chopped one head off. The knife was dull so it took one hundred chops to get the head off. I cringed pretty hard. One of the iguanas that was big slapped this kid in the face with it's tail. It was a loud wack but sad and hilarious. Gladly the kid is okay but man he wept hard! I had to laugh a bit. Elder Tupou is interesting though. The language barrier makes teaching really hard. He is a good kid just needs to work on somethings. I just want the best for him. He is great though. Last night he pushed me good. We went to Georgetown today but last night he said we will not go because the apartment was a mess. I told him that if I clean the kitchen and the bathroom that night that we will go to Georgetown. I clean pretty quick and we had fun today in Georgetown. That's a good push from him. He is a great companion. Well I am out of time and stories. So much to say but I think I got it all. Love you all and see you before you know it!

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