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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas is over - Back to work

Christmas is over so let's get back to work. New Years is this week so I hope that people won't shut us out again because of parties but then again it's the Caribbean so I can kinda expect that they will shut us out. Strange thing to say but I think I am going to cut down on soda and try to quit. I had like 6 Dr. Peppers and then I did like a mini burp throw up and the acid gave me a sore throat for the day before Christmas Eve and on Christmas Eve. Then it turned into a kinda bad cough but now I think I am okay. Well I forgot to say last week on our way to Georgetown we were driving and a cop pulled us over with just a normal car by honking at us. He had a hat but I guess he didn't have a striped shirt like he should have. He made the driver who was Elder Larson go to him and told him he had to pay $10,000 ($50 US) right then for cutting someone off (Which he didn't do) or go to court and pay $30,000 ($150 US). We didn't want to pay because we know it was because we were white boys so we had a Guyanese go talk to him too and we pulled the phone out to call a senior couple and he thinks we are calling a lawyer or something and he knew what he was doing was wrong so he let us go. It was so funny! I could only imagine what was going through his head. They always try to scam people so they can get money in the holiday times and then he sees white people who are prefect targets until we get our lawyers. Probably scared him half to death and thought he was going to lose his job so he let us go. I bought a good amount of American Wonka candy in Georgetown. It's easy to drop big bucks there because they have nicer things. I kinda regret sharing my nice candy with other missionaries though because it would have lasted me a while. We played White Elephant and I got a cheetah print neck pillow and then we watched Frozen. That was a good movie! No wonder everyone likes it. I gotta say that I want a girlfriend like Elsa so that she can make it snow all the time. I am tired of living in the heat my whole life. After watching the movie I got to go spend the night in Diamond which was my first area. I got to see my old branch president and his wife and daughter. I am so glad they remembered me and they want me to come back. The next day we went and got some nice philly cheese steaks (Told you Georgetown has everything!) and I have been wanting a Christmas tie really bad! They know I love pepper sauce so they made me swish it in my mouth for a minute like it was mouth wash and then drink it. They filmed me the whole time. It did burn a bit but it was worth it for a snowman tie. We decided to buy gas again so we don't have to cook outside anymore. I don't think the gas leaking anymore. Well we had an incident where we could not get keys to either church on Christmas Eve so Elder Palavi could not Skype his family because he has to Skype a day early because it's already tomorrow in Australia. An awesome guy who is high up in the church here in Berbice who is also an RM drove over a bridge that charges you a hefty toll and then a long drive just to give us the extra keys. He really was the hero of Christmas. If it wasn't for him neither of us would have gotten to Skype. Christmas morning we got to have a nice Christmas breakfast with the new Senior Couple the Avondets with pancakes and turkey bacon and all that. It almost felt American. They were so cool and got us nice American goodies because they just got here. They got us huge M&Ms and a jar of peanut butter for everyone because they thought we didn't have it here. It was pretty funny because they spent overweight baggage fees so they could bring that and then they sell it here anyways. They were so nice though and we all pitched in together and got them a stuffed Alligator. We put a little Santa hat on it too. So my animal of the week this week is kinda dead and wearing a Santa hat. It was nice and cheap too. Gator stuff is pretty cheap. Let me know if anyone wants a gator scripture case or wallet or anything.

We got to watch "Frozen" for Christmas!

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