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Monday, February 9, 2015

One Week Down, a Few More to Go

Man it seems like each week I have less and less time to email. I feel like I email the mission president more than anyone else. Things are getting pretty busy getting ready to go home. I got my email from the mission saying that I get home on April 7th! I am just out of my mind! Time is really flying by. Well this week Elder Tupou is still not listening to my advice so it's tough but sometimes you just gotta let them figure it out. This week Rishma didn't come to church again so it's getting really hard out here. I always feel so rushed on Mondays trying to email everyone. It's going to be weird being home and whenever I need to talk to someone just pull out the iPhone and post something on Facebook. Rishma was telling me that some years back she met missionaries in Lindon (Guyana towards Venezuela) And they taught her a little bit. She was getting prepared back then and now she is getting prepared to be baptized. The Lord works so mysteriously. When I first met Rishma I didn't think she would even listen to our message but she is the most progressing person we have. Work is hard though. Most people won't listen to the message and most people if they do they don't understand it. We use a technique now. We ask people after the restoration if they knew it was true would they be baptized? It lets you know who is prepared and who is not. It is really nice to use. This week we visited an active family called the Narines. I love them so much! Brother Narine just bore an awesome testimony of how he just loves the Book of Mormon. They are a great missionary family. Well I also got a Gita this week. Pretty strange stuff. It's the Hindu scripture. Well I am out of time so I gotta go!

This kid says the flower is for my mom ("Awww, thanks" says mom)

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