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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Last Transfer

I didn't get to email yesterday because there was a thing called Mash going on in town. It's basically Carnival or run around in your undies day. I gotta say emailing is kinda weird now. Almost everyone is home from their mission now so I don't have too many people left to email. Well Elder Coehlo showed me around the area pretty good this week. We got a flat tire in one of the bikes this week so we have to get that fixed and we got transfer calls too. I got my final transfer call! Such a strange feeling especially when you know you companion is leaving and you know that you need a new one. I am going to be with Elder Nelson who is a Jamaican Elder who has been out for about 6 months. He is a really cool guy and he is pretty sincere when he bears his testimony. I am excited to finish off with him. Well most of the people that Elder Coehlo have kinda dropped off so I am going to be finding some new people this transfer. It isn't too hard for me because being a white guy in my area is basically the equivalent to being Tom Cruise. No Indian girl can deny me in my area. They could be a teenager or even an old lady and if I simply say "Hi" their eyes turn into hearts like on the cartoons and they blush. Yes even with the old ladies. It's really funny. We taught some people and one of the girls in the lesson asked if my eyes were real. I don't even have amazing eyes haha. Then she asked if I was married. I told her no and asked if she was "I want to be..." is what she replies. Elder Coehlo says I am a celebrity. I don't even try though. I felt sick yesterday and went to go get a few groceries at our local store and this Indian girl who looks about 18 followed me around and giggled. I felt sick so I probably looked a little crappy and I wore yellow shoes, blue pants, and a brown shirt and she still liked it all ha ha. Just gotta be careful not to give them the wrong message. We are working with a family called the Nazio family who is American Indian. They came to church yesterday and one of the daughters says she knows what we share is true. We are looking forward to a baptism for her and her mom. She has a sister who is deaf and can't talk so I want to work with her too because she came to church but it might be kinda hard. They are really cool and we are getting a family this week to help fellowship them. Not many members live near the Nazios though. Well last of all for my final transfer I withdrew the last of my money for the final transfer. The banks have changed now and they spit out $5000 bills. They are super crisp too! My money stack isn't as fat as it used to be but oh man I love the crisp $5000! It's $25 US so I am debating whether or not to take one home. That's an expensive souvenir. It's interesting with the book of Revelations. I just finished reading Day of Defense while staying in all day yesterday because of Mash. Revelations talks about John saying for people to not add into his own book of Revelations. Chronologically Revelations is not the last book. I am giving Day of Defense to my companion who is going home in a few days (He lives across the river in Guyana) he wants it because good LDS books aren't in Guyana. Basically people need to understand that we have need for modern revelation and when they come to know that it is indeed needed then they can come to pray about the truth. Lots of good stuff. Being a missionary lets you get to know the church much better. I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained out here. Well all is well and I made my final planner cover about marriage as you can see. My face over some guy and a question mark over the girl's face as the couple walks out of the Mesa, Arizona Temple. The backside is what I love so much! A cartoon drawing of a missionary getting home with the welcome home sign and some girl in a wedding dress waiting there ha ha. I am not really marriage trunky like some Elders are but this is supposed to be a missionary tradition to make this a planner cover for your last transfer. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks! I know you all can't wait back at home but I sure can. I love it here!

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