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Monday, February 2, 2015

Rush It!

Well I gotta rush it today. I have been taking care of gator orders and there just seems like there is so much to do in so little time. It's a fun rush though. Well Tupou seems to not like taking advice so I am trying to lead by example instead. I try to correct him but he doesn't like that so instead I do something good and then he sees how it works and he wants to do it. Like teaching the Plan of Salvation to Hindu people. It's more receptive to them than the Restoration. Well sad news is that Akeela is not getting baptized. Her mom refuses even though she understands the Restoration. Her mom understands the message and wants Akeela to wait till she is 18 (3 more years) Good news is I got all 3 hunger games books for less than $10 US! I can't read them so it will be nice just to take home. I think I like reading now. Well this cool kid named Chris that we met on the street talked about how he likes video games like Assassins Creed and I showed him the Book of Mormon and said they should make a game for that. It was pretty effective haha Well out water tank was empty so I borrowed neighbors water and had a bucket shower and then the next day (Sunday) took a rainshower. You never have to make up stories here. Well the Caribbean conference was great! Wilford W. Anderson of the 70 talked and then Bonnie L. Oscarson. Elder Holland talked about 3 sacred places to stand.  1. Home (not trunky haha) 2. Chruch 3. The Temple.
Boyd K. Packer gave a nice talk too. Well I gotta go time is up.
Love you all!

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