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Monday, February 16, 2015

Somewhat Big News

I have half of my transfer call for my last transfer right now. I am back in Georgetown kinda where I started my mission but just in a different area. I am in East Coast now which is pretty nice because it's not too close to Georgetown but not too far. The reason I am here is because Elder Tupou was getting grumpy again and he grabbed me which ripped my shirt on both sides and threw me on the ground. He got upset because of a misunderstanding. Basically we went out to go teach and there was a lady who we had contacted named Katy and she was a pretty sincere person. She lives with her grandma and we set up an appointment with her at 8 at night and someone was playing music pretty loud across the street so we couldn't really hear her grandma too well. Her grandma sounded like she said that Katy was home but she wasn't sure so I went around the house to the door where we met Katy and knocked on the door even though there was loud music. Elder Tupou was upset because I just started walking there and then he followed me. I knocked on the door and Katy comes out and Elder Tupou was just so upset and the people there could tell. He told me he was really mad at me for going and knocking on the door and because he was so upset we had to cancel the appointment. Just before we left Katy starts telling me that she wants to know more about Joseph Smith. She was sincerely interested and as we walk around the corner the old lady then asks why Elder Tupou was so angry and rude. It was kinda funny and Elder Tupou just gets so mad at her and starts yelling at the old lady and says she is a liar. It was pretty sad because that threw away any chance that we had with Katy learning more. I asked Elder Tupou if he wanted to be my companion and he got really mad. I told him we needed to talk to the Zone Leaders and he always holds the phone so I got it and wanted to go talk in the light in public so that if anything was to happen people would see. I start walking to a light pole 10 feet away and he gets upset because he wanted me to talk on the phone right next to him so he threw me on the ground and it ripped my shirt. I called the Zone Leaders and said that I need a new companion. I gave Elder Tupou so many chances and I was so patient with him. He never took my advice which I gave lovingly and in a respectful manner. I had to let him just figure it all out but he wouldn't figure it out. President Mehr called us that night and boy did that calm Elder Tupou down. President Mehr sounded kinda like he would move me to about any island I wanted but I am not too sure. He sounded like he was going to move me out of Guyana but I told him that since the missionary Elder Coelho is going home in a week from East Coast that I wouldn't mind going there so he could show me the area. Some missionaries call me crazy for not getting out of Guyana but the truth is that I just really love Guyana. It's my home here. I love Georgetown too. I didn't get my end wish which was going to Diamond but I can do trade offs there. I have to learn the area in about a week so it's going to be tough and then I am on my last transfer. Elder Coelho was with a temporary missionary from Guyana so they were going to blank the area. Elder Coelho is Guyanese so he lives across the river from Georgetown. He is a really cool guy and we are having a good time. Well back in Rosignol it was a bummer because the morning after the Tupou incident I had to leave. I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone in person which was sad. Rishma has been slowly progressing so we moved her date for baptism to March 8th. She said she is going to miss me a ton because we have been helping her a lot because she has been sick and depressed. I just really hope that she ends up getting baptized. I had a really good talk with the Ramkumar family too. They are less active and we had a good lesson with them the other week and their daughter Farzana told me that she is so happy that we decided to come by. Her dad said the opening prayer and she told me that was the first time she had heard her dad pray in a long time. I called them and let them know I was going to miss them and they were really sad. I just hate leaving areas with little notice. I got moved Saturday morning so I didn't get to see anyone at church because I went to the new branch on Sunday. It's a good branch out here. Attendance averages about 80 people and it's AIR CONDITIONED! I also sold my camera to someone in Bush Lot so I hope my new companion will have a camera. When I get home I won't need a camera just big boy toys. I got 7 weeks left so I am trying not to get too trunky. I honestly love Guyana so much though especially Georgetown so it's going to be harder to leave here. My look on it here is this: If you are on an island it is beautiful and you just love it. You will probably go back someday and have even more fun by getting to swim and tour around there. I don't know if I will ever get to come back to Guyana though. There are no cruise ships here. The water is really brown and so not many people visit. I love the people here so much! I honestly hope I get to come back some day. When I go visit St. Vincent I want to see the missionaries there and say to them "Oh yeah I used to serve here. Well see ya I am going to go swim at the beach!"

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