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Monday, March 16, 2015

Diamond Throwback

This week had been a good amount of fun. I went to Diamond which was my first area with my good friend Elder Dearing who was my MTC companion. It was amazing to see people I have not seen in almost 2 years. I think it is preparing me to go home in a few weeks #NotTrunky I liked seeing how people after a minute would remember me and for some strange reason they think that I still have a bit longer in the mission and they didn't know that it was my first area too. I loved seeing everyone there. We also have a miracle baptism coming up on the 28th. Her name is Crystal and she was taught by missionaries in the UK and she is really prepared to get baptized. She knows a lot and she invites her cousins to sit in with us. Pretty much her whole family will probably get baptized in a matter of weeks. I wish I could be here for all their baptisms and I even thought about asking for an extension for my mission but that probably wouldn't happen and Mom would probably kill me. Working hard here and just enjoying the time while I still can. Hanging out with the dying group that I came out with: Elder Dearing (MTC Companion) and Elder Glade (Thug Nasty) #3Weeks

See you guys soon!

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