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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gotta Get Some Trunky Pills

Holy cow man! I got too much on my plate. I mean that in saying preparing to go home. I got a going home questionnaire due in like 2 weeks and I got a lot to fill out on that. I also have to email you guys and my mission president. Well basically I will keep this somewhat short. Here is a picture of the new companion named Elder Nelson. We got Dairy Queen today and I got a large Butterfinger blizzard. They advertise a ton of flavors and have less than half of the actual flavors. I wanted Brownie Temptation because it fits with my name but they wouldn't let me get that because they don't have it. In America I am getting the Oreo Cheesequake as soon as I get home! I like that one bad! Well we are working with the Nazio family and the mom just does not want to get baptized no matter what. We try to explain the Priesthood to her and she always replies "Yeah well Jesus was baptized once so I was baptized once!" She doesn't mind coming to the church but she insists on getting baptized or letting her daughters get baptized. Her daughter totally knows this is true and she is pretty sad about that. We are working with another girl named Radika and she wants to get baptized on the 23rd which is her birthday and a Monday. We met a really cool guy named Abraham who is from India and asked if he could add me on Facebook so mom you gotta accept that. Abraham is a really cool guy and it makes me want an Indian brother in law so I could always hang out with him. For a while I thought about how it would be cool to have in laws straight from India. Well Abraham works here as an anatomy teacher and says he is probably going to Boston sometime and might want to go to Phoenix for a job so I gotta keep tabs on him. Well like I said so much to do in such little time. I love you all and before you know it I will get to say that to you in the face. I gotta get out all of the missionary-ness in this mission that I can still get.
Love you all.

My New Comp, Elder Nelson from Jamaica

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