YOLO= you only live once (Jenni's contribution to the name of this blog) Elder Brown is only living once (for 2 years) in the beautiful West Indies, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the good people there.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Phagwah is my favorite holiday now! We had such a great time! Basiaclly you throw colored powder at people and they do it back to you. Got offered a lot of alcohol but afterwards they give me a coke. Almost everyone is drunk and it's just so fun! We went to a black neighborhood because right where we live Hinduism is huge. They blasted Hindi music and fed us so much Indian food. I can't complain with that at all. Elder Nelson Started off not wanting to play at all but before Studies even started I went in our front yard and played. We rode our bikes and kids have water guns with colors in them and one kid sprayed us. Elder Nelson tried telling the kid not to get him and I yelled "HIT ME!" The kid got us both and boy Elder Nelson was not smiling at all. About 30 minutes later though he had almost half as much fun as I did. I say half as much because I think I enjoyed it more than the Indians did. I got an idea that day too to have a message with some neighbors about baptism. I talked about how we have to clean ourselves and then they said we have to take showers and then I asked how we get our souls clean from sin. They had no idea so we talked about baptism and they all said they wanted to get baptized (Only one of them was drunk). The next day we saw them again and showed them the new Bible videos so they could get to know who Jesus Christ is. They seemed a little less ready to get baptized this time. They still love us but maybe it was the Phagwah party they were having. Anyways we got a referral from the UK named Crystal who almost got baptized in England and wants to know where the church is so hopefully I can get her baptized before I get home. Well That's about it for this week. See you soon!

Pursaud daughter 2

Persaud daughter

Persaud boy

More Persauds?

and more?

Happy to see the Elders

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