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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love must be sincere

Got tons of emails this week and I loved it from all of you! Don't hesitate to email me those who read this. I love to see how everyone is doing and I will reply so have no worries. So my family loves Le Mes and I read a talk that mentioned it and now I wish I had seen the new one. I usually don't care about it but now it sounds kinda good. (Mainly because we can't watch movies.) Also I have found my love out here. Roti with spicy chicken curry! People in my branch make it so good! I could honestly eat it every day. I also served a lady on a bus by just simply holding something for her. She was so greatful and saw that I am truly a servant from God. It is an amazing feeling when you get to do that. Also this crazy little lady stared to jump walk towards me kinda like a leap in Georgetown (Tons of crazy people there) and I thought she might have wanted to hear about the gospel. She just wanted money and we aren't allowed to give money out to people here. I said I was sorry that I couldn't and she followed me around for a few minutes yelling the F word and many other things and then the companion I was with because we did splits told her to leave. He is usually quiet so it was funny to see. Something I remembered from last week when I had that big argument was something this girl I was really good friends with in High School told me. "Love must be sincere." I try to live by that every day now. My companion told me you come out on a mission for a reason and you stay for another reason. I think I found one of them this past week with these 4 awesome people we baptized this last week. The spirit was so strong! First time I ever baptized anyone. My companion has 2 weeks left out here! They call that "Killing" someone when you serve them and then they go home. I feel funny saying that. I killed my trainer. Also there is a rumor that missionaries can use Facebook! Here in the West Indies we probably won't get to but I still have fingers crossed that we will get to at some point. But until then I can only hear about everyone's life if they tell me about it. I have a funny theory about movies here. So you can get movies super cheap because they are just burnt onto discs here. I have seen tons of straight to dvd horror movies for sale out here and I have a theory about those movies. So you can see the newest Batman movie or whatever you want for less than a dollar and I bet everyone has already seen it. So what is the point in talking about those movies? People probably buy those weird horror movies because they are so bored. People probably say that "Attack of the Two Headed Shark" is good and so is "Cowboys vs Zombies". People here ask me if home is cold. Apparently Arizona is super hot right now! This guy named Brother Beharry tried telling us jokes yesterday and they were funny but odd. "What do you do if you eat poluri and it's sour? Keep eating it because you don't need sour sauce now." Probably the funniest one he said. Well I am out of stories so until next week!

-Elder Brown

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