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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clap Roti

Well this week has been pretty chill. Not much new but I am starting a new transfer with my new companion Elder Richardson. He is a really nice humble person. I am looking forward to teaching and learning with him. Also I am done being trained so I am kinda a big deal now (I use Ron Burgandy's voice there) So I am not getting too off focus but I heard that Sleeping With Sirens came out with a new cd that I can't listen to. Grrrr. Also big heads up! I GOT EVERYONE'S LETTERS!!!!! Thanks Jessica, Dominique, Nick Hawkes, Mom & Dad and Elder Crockett. Some are old so don't think I have been ignoring you. I am writing you guys back right now! Also I thought about the Book of Alma a bit this last week. The church needs to work with the guys who make the Assassin's Creed games and make one of the games in that era. Also I remembered that my mission president's wife was in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! She is a really nice lady too. New love out here in Pinetart. Some of the best pastries around. I am going to eat like 5 on Thursday. Also I remember a funny story. So an investigator we have is blind and has been trying to get married for about a year now so he can be baptized. Anyways he was at a luncheon and he wanted pepper sauce. Someone served him pepper sauce. Being blind I see that as the definition of faith. This week I have focused a lot on 1st Nephi chapter 18. Everyone should read it and see how they can apply it. It is about how Nephi sailed in the ship. I shared it with a family who has a lot of contention and they loved it. I feel bad because in verses 17 and 18 I feel that I had done that to my parents sometimes but they know I love them! Also I made clap roti! My favorite meal out here! Making it is fun but painful! I sent a picture of me making it but basically you take this hot dough and fling it in the air and clap it. We made tons so my hands hurt so bad! In that picture I am yelling at the dough because it hurt me. I clapped the crap out of it (Not literally)
Well I go to Suriname tomorrow for just a day so I can renew my visa. I am going with tons of other missionaries and it's going to be fun! We are riding the ferry over there. Tomorrow should be a fun day! Not much time left so love you all!
-Elder Brown

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