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Monday, July 8, 2013

Drenched in sweat & having the biggest smile

Well not too much is new. The transfer is about to end and I got my new companion early but still have my old one because he is about to go home. My new companion is Elder Richardson. He is from St. Lucia and has been out about 9 months. He served in another part of Guyana before so he is a bit used to it. He is really awesome and I look forward to serving with him. So I weighed myself and I have lost somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds! I think I am going to give up soda for a transfer and see how much more weight I lose. I have just been really happy for some reason and we talked to this lady who we have taught before and she is usually at her bread stand selling bread. I saw her and I had been just smiling all day. She asked why I was smiling so much and I just said I am so happy to be here. That's something that makes people interested in the gospel. Walking around drenched in sweat and having the biggest smile around. People love it! Also a few weeks ago I tried a little piece of chicken feet. It was actually pretty good! They don't let any part of an animal go to waste out here. So a while ago we had been told by our mission president to get 10 inactive families and work with them to bring them back to church. We visited this family last night and they said they went back to the Muslim religion. Elder Richardson and I did all we could do. We shared testimonies about what is true. We have a prophet today who leads and guides the earth. Not just our church. We asked the family if we could do anything for them and they asked if we could get the daughter a laptop for her college work. It felt a bit strange so we told them we will see what we can do. My Land Lord is hilarious! I share tons of stories with him and he said this quote today "When I go to church the organ and choir make me feel like an eagle surfing." He told me to tell my little sister she is "Exceptionally beautiful and peculiar." I don't have much left to say but I would love to hear from friends and family. I love you all and will write you all next week.
With Love,
Elder Brown

Captain America in Guyana?

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