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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I swallowed a bug!

Well I hope everyone at home is doing good. This week has been pretty slow but some good stuff is going on! So everyone in Mesa knows Elder Hale and that he has been serving in Trinidad. Well he is coming to Guyana! He is in a different zone though but I will get to see him every now and then. Sadly the person he is replacing was a really cool guy so it is bittersweet. I met this creepy girl this week who I told I live in Arizona. She told me to take her with me back home. She said it creepily too. I was scared for a little bit. I am making the best with what I got though. My bike is not that good but I grin and keep riding. Some Indian people took out a camera to get a picture of me so I took my hands off the handle bar and gave a big smile with two thumbs up! Some people would be mad about that but I just grin it out and make the best out of all of it. I unfortunately accidentally swallowed a bug while riding my bike so I can only say I got a little protein from that. We have been getting black outs too often now which is a bummer because our fans won't work when that happens. I got a new watch too! Thanks mom! It reminds me of Thomas from the Ringer when I say I got a new watch. My land lord loves the Zelda cd too! He likes speaking Spanish so he says "Muchas Gracias Seniorita" to my mom. We (Elder Richardson and I) work out to the cd. We have no shame and he loves the music too. He is just like me! This week we got rained on. Rain is a light way of saying that. We got POURED ON! My planner looks funny now and my hmyn book has water marks. We tried running from the rain but realized we are soaked so we might as well walk. Also (Mom please tag Tiffani Wright on facebook for this) Tiffani did you go to the She and Him concert? Did you meet Zoey Deshanel? Please update me by emailing me at kyleb@myldsmail.net
Also Thank goodness for P-Day! I am so tired! I drank some unfiltered water yesterday. I felt so sick. Everyone in America better love water. Also my land lord gave us a ride to show us some of his friends to teach and he started singing one of my favorite songs! What's love got to do with it? I told him Tina Turner is my favorite!
Don't have much to say left but I have been hearing about people getting mission calls back at home.

See you all next week!
-Elder Brown

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