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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This week just feels good

The beginning of this last week was kinda scary. Our mission president came to Guyana and told us that we were doing a really great job with our work out here. Our mission wide fasts have been working! He told us that he wants us to memorize Doctrine and Covenants 121: 34-46. We have been working on it for a while but he also told us to memorize at least 10 verses from our favorite scripture story. I chose Abinidi telling the wicked priests and King Noah to repent because that is my favorite story. I am doing the first 10 verses of Mosiah 13. We have 2 weeks to memorize. Aside from that the week was kinda a bummer because everyone was out playing cricket and didn't want to help us teach. This week was hot too! If I was outside for more than 10 minutes I felt like I was going to die! We met some girls and started talking to them and they said "Oh yeah you are from that church.... The Latter Day Sinners right?" I told them it was Latter Day Saints but that no member of the church is perfect even myself so that is why we go to church. "Church is for sinners isn't it?" I asked them. Also this week I got an Old Testament story book. I have one for the Book of Mormon as well and I love them. I get the story so much better. I read the whole Old Testament story book and now I understand all these things better now. The Tribes of Israel and everything. Now I can connect with other people's beliefs too because I have mainly been focused on the Book of Mormon. I read about Ester and it made me miss being Haman in the roadshow we had a few years back. I had such a funny experience this week too! This lady we taught once has never been home when we teach or so we thought. Her daughter is a recent convert and she is less active but I can never get to her either and they live in the same house. The Zone Leaders called me to tell me I had a good week and we pulled over our bikes to see if she was home and I was on the phone and I see her in her front yard! BINGO! I waved at her and she saw me and just walked inside acting like nothing happened. We called inside her house for her (That is a Caribean thing) and she just would not answer! Now we know that we don't have bad timing but that she just doesn't want to see us. That's the sad thing here. People won't tell you straight up if they aren't interested. Another Elder and I have been quoting the Strangers movie a lot and we just laugh so hard. We made a joke about this lady I just mentioned who ignored us in her house. "Is... Tamera home?" is the original quote so we changed it to "Is.... Alexis home?" and then if they say no we pull the next line "Are you sure?" We say it in the same voice as the movie. We have had so many laughs about it this week. We also met a guy who is a little odd. He goes by the name of Elijah. I am glad I read the Old Testament story book this week so I could understand a lot better. He basically told us he will be one of the 144,000 saved because John the Baptist was our savior and was Elijah reincarnated. He said that Jesus was the Antichrist. I asked him why the Bible talks all about him and he said that was all lies. He was really strange. Also we visited Ras Chippy again as usual. I asked him to pray. He starts his prayer off as "Dear Rastafari...." It is interesting. Something else funny here is people always ask for money and get mad when you say no. My companion and I made a joke about this guy who asked for $100 for a drink and we told him no. They make this strange mouth sound when they get mad. He asked for money 7 times and I said no each time. "Give me some of your juice!" Still said no and someone else finally gave money to him. Also I showed the Plan of Salvation book to this little girl who's mom we are teaching. She saw the clothes we wore in the pre existence and asked if they were karate clothes. She is an interesting child. This week had been so hot but we were so blessed with rain on Sunday. It made it really nice for that day. Well I am looking forward to conference this week! We are letting people know that the prophet today is going to be talking to everyone! We are getting them excited! Also on Sunday the branch talked a lot about getting excited for missionary work! We are getting a lot of referrals for this week! This week should be good!
-Elder Brown

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