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Monday, October 7, 2013

"Curry, Roti, Lucky!"

Lately here in my area in the ghetto part it has been weird. Like I said last week about the John the Baptist guy I met another Hebrew like him. This guy tried arguing with me a lot. He said some mean things like that I am going to Hell but he was weird because he tried explaining that our saviors name is not Jesus because the letter J was invented a lot later after the bible. Also a cool branch president I know served with Brother Claridge here when they were on missions. President McKenzie is his name and he used to live in Mesa, Arizona and he is the best! He is not in my branch though. I see him about once a week so I saw him at conference which was pretty good by the way! I really liked Richard G Scott's talk about being meek and that is something I am trying to work on. Also I liked having exclamation points like that one member of the 70 said. I want exclamation points in my mission! Sometimes I get grumpy because the sun is just so hot! Also something I have noticed lately is that it seems like they mention Le Mis every conference at least once. Here in Guyana we got a black out for almost every session but fortunately we have a back up generator so we missed only a minute of one talk. This week my companion Brother Augustine and I have been quoting Napoleon Dynamite which he has not seen! I quote the part where Napoleon sees Pedro's bike and says "Shocks, Pegs, Lucky!" but we got fed at conference and they had curry and roti which is my favorite! So the quote changed to "Curry, Roti, Lucky!" Not much happened this week and unfortunately we only had one investigator at conference but I get another new missionary named Elder Eggburt (Hope I spelled that right) and I should get him this upcoming week. He is from Idaho and has been out for about 3 months from what I hear. I look forward to this. Also I just hit my 6 month mark so I am burning a tie tonight! I accidentally ruined it when trying to wash it so I don't feel as bad anymore. Mission is going by pretty fast!
-Elder Brown

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