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Monday, October 28, 2013

Jesus take the wheel

This week was pretty tough. But we had some good laughs that made it alright. People see how pink our faces get and ask "Sun hot?" I am trying to come up with something funny to say like "Yeah like 2 Million degrees hot! The scientists told me that on the tv." We had planned on working with tons of members this week but every single time they canceled on us! We had worked really hard and got 16 other lessons this week. That excludes the few member lessons we got and the less actives we visited. The people we teach don't keep any commitments they just like to listen to us talk. One lady we taught we tried using the analogy of the police man being the only one who can pull you over. We asked "Who can pull you over for driving to fast?" ".......Jesus?" She replied. "No it's a police man because he has that authority." As you can tell this week had been a little painful and dull. Also something I have noticed about Guyana that is real funny is that guys just walk down the street in underwear and have no problem with it. Sometimes they even randomly carry a live chicken. Guyana never ceases to amaze me. I got my birthday package a week early! I loved all of it! Sadly we were fasting that day so I ate some candy later at night when we broke our fast. The paper in the package said that it had 4 bags of jerky but I only got 2. Some lucky guy is celebrating my birthday with me by eating it I bet. Also I loved this Mario Pez dispenser I got! I remember in seminary we used that to explain what a dispensation is. Let's say Mario here is God (Trying not to be too blasphemous) Mario will dispense a prophet or a pez and he does it one by one. Just like dispensations. I will start using it for lessons but I will only give out one candy each lesson because I am selfish :)
So none of my investigators like I said are progressing. The one that we did have who was amazing and was sharing the gospel with everyone before we even had a chance to extend a baptism date, moved to Barbados! Come on!!!! She was the one who made this all worth it! We fasted on Saturday for ourselves being able to find some people who will commit to the things we share with them. Sunday we went tracting as usual because we have found all the people we teach and we met a guy named Brother Jeffries who was working in the interior like a lot of people do and he just got back. We will be making them Mexican food this week and have dinner for his 60th birthday! Also my birthday is on Sunday! On Duali the Indian holiday! There are tons of fireworks going off already and Sunday will be tons of parties. Sadly none for me. Also fail of the week. We have been showing the Restoration dvd to many people this week and lots of people have Spanish dvd players. The dvd goes to Spanish and it won't change for their tvs. So we would resort to the scriptures as a Plan B.
Well I am hoping for a better week this week and I look forward to eating lots of cake! Also I heard about this store that sells imported good so I am getting a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper for my birthday!
Hope everyone has a good week!
-Elder Brown
Flute playing buddy

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