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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Missing Mom

This week had been long but a great week nonetheless. I forgot to mention a story from Zone Conference last week that I loved. I will make it simple but I love the stories of Alma and King Limhi. Alma and his people had been humbled as soon as possible whereas King Limhi and his people were compelled to be humbled. What I learn from that is always make sure you are humble or the Lord will have to do it the hard way. I love comparing those two groups of people. This week I have met tons of crazy people. I meet them every week but this week seemed to have even more of them. This one guy always asks a member if we are around because we talked to him once. His name is a bit inappropriate but he goes by dog. He said that he goes to these dog food stands where people buy dog food (not sure why because dogs just walk everywhere) and he asks for pepper and ketchup with it. He is a little strange. Also this guy who I think was drunk ran up to us down the street and told us to follow him. It was 2 pm. He showed us Superman from a coloring book and pointed to another drunk man and told us that he stole Superman's powers. I told him that he needs to give his powers back because the 8th commandment says that we shouldn't steal. Another one we see all the time was messing with dogs and he showed us he had a gun in his pants (Sorry mom I should have told you that much later so you don't get worried). He likes us so he would never mess with us. We met this other guy just the other day who was high out of his mind on cocaine. He acted like a chicken saying he likes chicken curry and then we came back from getting lunch and he got in a fight with a neighbor and they just threw these big logs on the ground. The Guyanese are all talk and no action. He kept on running and kicking this guy's fence and then he threw this old rusty dull knife at the wood and would make it stick in there. If I was in that position I would have just hit him in the head with a baseball bat and knock him out. After arguing he smoked some more cocaine in the middle of the sidewalk and did some push ups. The whole neighborhood just watched and laughed. This week we got some pretty sweet food! Our Muslim neighbor celebrated a Muslim holiday and gave us lamb meat he sacrificed and we got crab curry from the branch president! I also went to Suriname again to renew my passport and we met this cool guy named Randy and gave him a ride all the way to Georgetown (It's a long long ride). He is just traveling the world and he had been to so many countries and places that are only recognized as countries by other countries. He has even been to North Korea. Yeah North Korea not South. They are so sheltered there he said. On the way back to Georgetown we saw Phoenix, Tempe, and Washington Guyana. Pretty original right? They have some funny village names. We shared the gospel with Randy and I guess his parents were members of the church a long long time ago. I hope he finds the gospel while he finds the world. He was a really cool guy so we gave him the Senior couple missionary address. That's about all for this week but I also got the 24 hour flu yesterday. I barfed on the way to church and just before church ended. We have sacrament meeting 3rd hour so I stuck it out for that long! Some investigators didn't come and gave us crappy excuses so I can't believe they wouldn't come. When you get sick and lay in bed all day it makes you miss your mom even more. I bet all missionaries can agree. Fortunately I feel a lot better today! Also I think I hit my 40 pounds lost now!
-Elder Brown
My new comp, Elder Egbert

Boat ride to Suriname

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