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Monday, December 30, 2013

"Put Jesus in your Christmas"

Christmas spirit is getting to me here! I remember back at home (My companions always interrupt and yell "TRUNKY!") that I was looking for reggae Christmas music and I hear it walking down the streets! I love it! They have some remakes and originals too. I will bring some home at the end of my mission. One of them sings "Put Jesus in your Christmas! Put Jesus in your Christmas!" Some people here are still crazy so there are a few quotes of the week today. One man we tried teaching a few times just liked to quote random scriptures to us. It's good he has them memorized but they are not at all relevant to what we are talking about. At the end as a word of warning he said to us multiple times "Beware of sheep in wolves clothing." It would have been better for him if he realized he mixed it up because it's funny to hear him say that a lot. I would be scared at first to see a sheep in wolves clothing until I just realized that it was just a sheep. Speaking of wolves we visited one of our crazy friends named Sean who we have taught a few times before. His kid kept hitting us and Sean ran over to him and he randomly started to seem to bite his kid and yelled at him and said that he shouldn't bring out the wolf in him. "Lebron you know I can't hold back my inner wolf sometimes!" He went on to say some words that would not be good to say but it was crazy to see him do that and my companions just had straight faces. I wanted to laugh so hard. Sean is so crazy that it's funny. I taught him about Abinidi in Mosiah chapter 13 (one of my favorite chapters) and in verse 3 where Abinidi says to King Noah not to touch him Sean just talked to us and said "Woah man that's some deep crap man! I mean for real you know." Also my branch president always says something funny without realizing what he even said. Last week I told about how "God killed Moses" but this week he didn't get us any funny quotes to send. I did come up with a quote for what we will call his quotes. Since his name is President Baynes I decided to call them the "Big Bayne Theory". I love his theories. Last story. It's weird when we go to the church at like 8 pm because at night vagrants always try to talk to us. Elder Galati is really good at talking with them about random things. The people are out of their minds and they just talk about random things. This one guy likes "Paggetti and meat balls. But sometimes in China they use horse meat!" We would ask them how they fit a whole horse in a fridge. He says he doesn't know how they do it. Another vagrant was talking to us and Elder Galati wore his hat. He might just have lice now. Let's hope not. Other than that we are all excited for Christmas. Probably won't get a Nintendo like every kid wants but at least we have our companions and family and hopefully Mila Julovich. We have our hopes high on meeting her. We hope that everyone has a great Christmas and see you all next week on Skype!

-Elder Kyle Brown

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