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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zombie lady & Missionary work

I love St. Vincent! Sorry if I never come back. People are kinda funny though from what I have seen here and my last area. Whenever I bear my testimony it seems like it's the perfect opportunity to ask random questions. They do it in the middle of lessons all the time. I could be talking about prophets and then they ask if I have a girlfriend. At the end of lessons we invite them to pray about what we shared but they always just kinda take our word for it. "Well I don't think you would lie to me would you?" Well pray and ask God as an answer just to be sure! People here are funny. Elder Galati made quote of the week this week. We saw something that said you could win a trip to Canada. "Winning a trip to Canada is like winning a free meal at KFC. It's cool but it doesn't change much." My companion is cool and he used to live in Mesa and he knows Trent Haws (tag him on Facebook) and a few other people. We have become the best of friends but he is probably going back to the French side next transfer. We will keep in touch. Since the work here in St. Vincent is much more demanding I have eaten so much more and actually gained about 10 pounds. Good thing I lost 30 pounds back in Guyana. This week we got Elder Salima as a third companion and he is awesome! He is from Samoa and he goes home at the end of next transfer. Also I hear that Dumb and Dumber 2 is coming out next year from my companion's brother. I am looking forward to Christmas! Skype will be cool! Also I am serving near one of my MTC companions named Elder Dearing. I get to see him every week and my other companion is in Tobago I think. It's cool getting to see my old MTC companion each week. This island is awesome and I am getting some people progressing really good! That's about all for this week but we have a baptism coming up on the 21st! It is nice and hot here which reminds me. Mila Julovich is coming for Christmas and I might just get to meet her! I think that would be cool to get a picture with her holding a Book of Mormon with me but that would blow up all over the internet and then she would put on the zombie killing suit like on Resident Evil and come to kill me. Maybe a normal picture will have to do.

-Elder Brown
Three Amigos

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