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Monday, December 30, 2013

Rudolph the Rasta Reindeer and the Grinch

This past week has been a bit crazy. I am in the next area over but I go back to my old area almost every day for meetings. I got emergency transferred here and I was just getting to know my last area so back to square one now. I have still... been enjoying the reggae Christmas. My last companion whom I still see every day pretty much said they should make a song called "Rudolph the Rasta Reindeer". I need to get some copies of this music! Something I can say I am proud of is that I have become a master curry cook so my new companion Elder Dye and I have been eating some really good chicken curry. People this season have been crazy. Lot's of people forget what it's about (even myself sometimes) and people just get wasted. We walked by some crazy drunk who yelled at people and then he asked how we were doing and politely told him we were good and then he randomly sprayed some crude language at us. The drunks here are funny. Also happy birthday Aubrey and Sierra yesterday! These ladies we pass by they always ask us for money because "that's what Jesus would do". I told them to read Acts chapter 3 verses 1-6. Money is not about everything. These ladies have money and they just want to bother us. One of them said I should give her money for bread and then I said I couldn't and then she asked "What if I was dying?" I replied "Well I would take you to the hospital." She was so vexed about that. (Vexed is Caribbean for mad) Something really funny too is that people will get barrels sent to them from Canada. It is like getting a package but they are cheap. People will get a bunch of random things sent to them. This little girl got a Phoenix shirt and I told her that was where I am from. They have no idea where that even is. Let alone Arizona. This year I have to be honest I have been a little bit of a Grinch but I don't let everyone know it. It's just the worst time of the year because you are really trunky and then almost no one will even want to spend time with you. They are cleaning and things so they just dismiss us. When you don't teach someone it makes you think even more about home. It's the worst! Last night we met with someone who was like an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 on difficulty to share a message with. She didn't care much about what we tried to share. It's the toughest time of the year so I am trying to just remember what the true message is about. The weather has been a bit nicer so that's an upgrade but I don't want to complain. I swear someday some missionaries will come over to me some day on Christmas and I am going to invite them in and feed them and serve them so good! I know how it feels for them. I look forward to Skype tomorrow though! Christmas is not terrible it's just tough. Only one more to go! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have some joy!

-Elder Brown

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