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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Cholesterol Kingdom

This week has felt a little slower but still great! Got a few good quotes of the week. Blonco our amazing investigator will be getting baptized withing the next week or so we just need him to get married and he has quite an adventurous past so we have to get an interview with mission president for him. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and he was mentioning the 3 degrees of glory to us. "The first is the Cholesterol Kingdom." It caused for a pretty good chuckle. Also Elder Egbert my last companion told me about a good drink here but he is in Guyana now so too bad for him. It's called "Fruit Cocktail". It tastes pretty good. It's like Monster but no caffeine. I was told it was the best drink ever but Elder Egbert talked it way too up so I didn't like it at first. Now it's pretty good! The man Blonco we are baptizing along with his wife and one of his kids asked if we baptize in the ocean or at the church. I hope he wants the ocean because that would be so cool! We don't live too far from there. I want to have a beach day for P Day some time but today we went shopping and I got a sweet tropical tourist button up. I found 3 in Guyana for 5 USD but never saw the guy again so it feels so good to have a cheesy shirt now! I love looking like a tourist but my companions won't let me do it in public. I want to be all tourist and then talk Croile to whoever talks to me. Speaking of that I saw some guy and his sister I think it was who looked so much like tourists so I asked where they were visiting from and they are actually from here. It's interesting to see that here. Also sad news: We went to a members house and they were watching trailers for new movies. They just had to have Spider-Man 2 up. I saw a little and ran from it as soon as possible. I heard rumors that it would be that villain but I tried not to get a good look so still no one spoil it for me! Another weekly quote. Our branch president just kinda talks without thinking and he said this: "At least it was God who killed Moses." Everyone died laughing there. Along with our gospel principles class Brother Ash said the prayer and said that he hopes the "investigation class" goes well. Lastly I gave a talk on Sunday about the priesthood and Sister Moses (Branch member) said that she just loved my talk and took notes on it. I told her #FeelingLikeAnApostle . That's really all for this week but I look forward to sending baptism pictures next week or a little later than that.
-Elder Brown

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