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Monday, December 30, 2013

Humbling Week for St. Vincent

St. Vincent along with St. Lucia and Dominica have had a really humbling Christmas week. On Christmas Eve there was a huge storm that made many mud slides and had dragged houses away and destroyed bridges. There has been much destruction throughout these few islands. Here in St. Vincent there have been about 8 killed and 5 missing. The Lord has protected the missionaries. Elder Dye and I have actually walked through the storm that had done so much damage. It all started Christmas Eve. We got to watch Despicable Me 2 that night and it was pretty good! I thought it was pretty funny! We walked outside into the huge storm and made it home safe. Because of this storm it damaged a lot of pipes so we have not had any water this week. Thank goodness for our emergency water! Kingstown got water so we have been able to shower there once this week and refill water. This crazy girl tells us that water is her favorite juice. To St. Vincent anything that is not coffee or tea is juice. "Water is juice from the clouds." Water is not the only thing we have not had. We for almost the whole transfer have not had tracts or Books of Mormon to give away. This makes it a lot harder to teach. Imagine telling someone about the Book of Mormon but telling them they can't have it because you don't have one. We need these things soon! People out here can also be a little strange. This kinda old black lady thought Elder Dye and I were racist but we told her that we were called to be here. I told her if I was told that I was going to St. Vincent a place which is full of black people and I did not like them I would have told them I am not coming. She realized that afterwards and then saw how my hair was different because I am white. She asked if she could pet it and because I was hesitant she thought I was racist again but I let her pet my hair. She wanted money but all she got to do was pet my hair on my head. Strange requests from Vincentions. Also Vincentions will add an O to the end of anything that ends with an LE. For example "Bibleo" is how they say Bible. So my nephew Chance just might be a Vincention because he always calls me Kyleo. For my last bit I have one more thing I will add. There is a riddle thing going on here between missionaries and until you get it it will drive you insane! I got it now and someday I will tell people what it is. This is called Green Grass Valley. In Green Grass Valley there are Apple but not Pears.
That's all folks!

-Elder Brown

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