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Monday, March 3, 2014


As I was talking about last week things had been pretty hard. I have gotten sick too and have a cough that gets kinda bad sometimes. Elder Dye has had it for 7 weeks now and I think the rain and being around him has helped me get it too. One of our lighter skinned Rasta buddies says boiling and drinking the root of marijuana will get rid of my asthma but won't get you high. I guess God does make everything for a use but I am not too sure if I will use that. One of our investigators is really working towards a baptism date but we just need to get her to live the law of chastity. This week we have had people tell us that they want to be baptized. All of the people (minus Jean) who want to be baptized are sisters or the mom of one of our less actives so we are going to be re activating and baptizing! That is such a success! One of our member's sister literally set her own date. Now for some interesting stories of the week. We met this one lady who I think has short turn memory loss. She has 2 names and introduced herself to us by both names 7 times. Christian Alegdlo and Doll Brown. She was really funny. We are trying to commit some of our eternal investigators to baptism. We take our buddy Preston to come teaching with us. He used to be a Rasta but now is a member for about 2 years now and is saving up for the temple. We asked him to bear testimony about how he was still tempted after baptism and he said that he wasn't tempted at all. It was so funny because we did not expect him to say that.  We met a couple who go to a church already and we went over to share the Restoration to them and the man named Cecil started to talk to us all chilled out and told us about Daniel and the Lion's Den. Afterwards he told us about Jonah and the Whale. He didn't really make a point but he sounded like he was going to. People here can be interesting. Sacrament meeting was interesting again. I think fast Sundays are where things happen. Some kid in the back barfed and they took the whole bench out so they could clean it. They moved it fast and quietly. I did not even notice them take the bench away. A baby was getting blessed and the baby had like 4 names: Sheniqua Shequana Shenini Richardson. That was literally almost the name! The mom stood in the circle for the baby blessing too. During all of sacrament meeting too this kid named Michael (Preston's son) leaned his head against my shoulder. He thinks I am super cool and he always pulls my arm hair out. This week we exceeded every goal we set and it was spectacular! Thanks for the moral support last week Bob Marley!

-Elder Brown

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I can't stop laughing! He is having one amazing and interesting mission! Go Kyle!