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Monday, March 10, 2014

An Elderly Elder

Well this week had just seemed to fly by and I am just enjoying P-Day here. Today is 11 months since I have left home and it just feels kinda strange. I feel like such an elderly Elder. We have had some funny people who just want to meet with us so they can bash on America but try to make it look like they are just saying normal things. One lady we finally dropped because she wouldn't let us even share the Restoration with her. She had good questions such as infant baptism but she didn't care at all. We finally got to share about Joesph Smith and then she asks "So the church started in America?" "Yes." "What was the name of the fruit Adam and Eve ate?" I replied "I have no idea. Maybe it was an apple." She tells us so seriously "That's what America wants you to think." I told her about the Book of Mormon and read the last two paragraphs in the intro and just before that she told us we better hook her on it. So after that we told her that she had no interest in learning so we dropped her. People here love crusades though. There is one like every week! I was reading the Book of Mormon and I realized that King Benjamen had a sweet crusade. He was a prophet though so it was cool. This week we got a ride from the sisters just before we had to go in and then we got 3 flat tires so we called the mission president and 4 of us Elders slept in the car down the street from where I live. It was really fun and felt like a camp out! So another think Vincies or Caribbeans in general love to do is Lime. That's where you go to some corner or something and just sit there and hang out. We did that while waiting for a less active to get back home and we just limed into 2 lessons with random people. That's the Caribbean style. One man was there and decided to lime with us and then he said he had a white girlfriend once and she loved KFC and Pizza. She wouldn't eat anything else or cook. Then he showed us a tour of his apartment on his iPhone with pictures of 2 of his girlfriends. My branch mission leader tells me and Elder Dye all about these new Bible movies coming out about Jesus and Noah. I want to see those pretty bad. I wish I had time to study out Genesis alone. 1 hour study is not enough! I have thought about those boring Byu tv lectures and man I wish I had some. It's funny what being a missionary does to you. Suddenly those studies become the most amazing things ever! One of our investigators actually is ready to settle down now too. He is a teenager named Kenrick and he has been meeting with missionaries for forever and then came up to us and set a date for April. He is a boss! Overall not a bad week but there was nothing amazing with explosions or anything.

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