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Monday, March 17, 2014

Important entertainment updates from home

Well this week has really flown by. It has seemed like lately that our weeks just fly by. Being on an island makes a day go by fast. Sunday we have church then Monday is P Day. Tuesday we have a district meeting and Wednesday we have a meeting with the branch mission leader to discuss the work we have been doing. Thursday we plan for the upcoming week and then it's the weekend. It is crazy how fast time will fly. We had a good lesson with one of our investigators and she owns a dvd stand. She showed me the cover to this new Liam Neeson movie called "Non Stop". That will have to go on my list of movies to see. We had a pluming problem in our apartment and we had a small flood over night. It stank pretty bad too but we cleaned it up pretty fast. Lately most people we talk to on the street have just been crazy people. We have gotten a few good lessons with people who are normal. We met one lady who was pretty cool. Her name was Angelina and she really seemed to care about what we share. Now we just need to get her to church! We went to a baptism in Caliqua and it was pretty nice. This girl named Makeisha was baptized and was taught by the sisters. We have really cool sisters on the island too. One of them was a Walking Dead fan so her and I talked about the show just before the baptism and she just got out here like a month ago so she updated me on season 4. Overall this was a pretty nice week. In this picture here is one of our buddies named Kenrick who is getting baptized on April 5th! We just hope that he starts up a combo and gets our other baptismal dates excited to be baptized. He is the only one really keeping commitments.
Also one of our members kids put their baby brother on my lap which is against mission rules so I got this awkward picture with him.

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