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Sunday, July 13, 2014

CTR: Choose the Ride

Well I am still trying to get to know St. Lucia. I have spent about a week here now. We spent half a week in St. Vincent and got back here late Wednesday so it felt so nice getting back to work on Thursday. I can only imagine how it will feel getting home. I am going to have to teach with the missionaries everyday but take 2 days off or so just to wean off of being a missionary. I will have to go to the RMTC. It was kinda nice though because we had P-Day pretty much from Sunday to Thursday. It felt like a vacation kinda but no swimming just seeing old friends. The branch here is going alright. Lots of contention but if you love them I sure it lightens the load. I always crack a joke with people and it really lightens the mood. Elder Reyes made a really funny joke this week. All the vans in the Caribbean no matter what country you go to have names. We want to get a van and make it super cool. It will be called CTR: Choose This Ride. We will blast MoTab and Conference Talks. It's a long ride from the airport to our area. We have an international airport near us though which flies to England and the States and places like that. It can get loud sometimes. Also I saw something really cool here for sale. There is an energy drink called Rockstar in the states that a lot of people like. I am not really a fan but they made a Guava flavored Rockstar here. Guava is a Caribbean fruit so I was pretty impressed by that. I have been teaching a lot more than investigators lately though. I taught mission prep class and then gave a talk on repentance in Sacrament Meeting. A big part of my talk was about forgiving others. We need to forgive others or we cannot be forgiven. (D&C 64:9-11) This is something a lot of the Caribbean and the church in general does not realize. We had Zone Conference this last week though and it was really nice. A big thing we talked about was spreading the Book of Mormon all around. I have been trying to use that more. We are so blessed to have another Testament even today! We also just moved out of our apartment and are living with the other Elders who aren't that far from us. It is really cool. It feels like The Best Two Years but kinda mixed up. The District Leader is going home and someone who came out with me is training someone from the Caribbean. Good week though. Here is a picture of Elder Watson and I drinking sodas with my St. Vincent buddy Grandfather Black.

Love you all!
Vincy Cloin & Kenlin (keeping my hands to myself) Vincy Unique in picture above

Elder Watson & my old friend Grandfather Black

Hatch tag AP Hatch

Subway, mission president paid for everyone

Sister Goddard, who came out with me, going home soon

Provo in St. Lucia

Sister Sherba

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