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Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach time vs Carnival time

Well last week we had to be really careful because Carnival was going on down here in Vieux Fort so we laid low for most of the day and just relaxed for the most part. We got to go to the beach and have some fun as a District. No one was there but us 4 Elders and the Sisters. Today is a holiday and believe it or not they consider Carnival as a national holiday. Basically everyone gets drunk and half naked and just runs down the street. The big party is in Castries far from us but they are closing down all the places around us. I am just emailing at the church and hopefully we can pick up groceries after this. Some little girl came up to us this last week and asked if we are from New York (Kinda expected that) and we told her no. She thought New York was just on the other side of the island. It's funny to hear people ask where we are from because it's not like they can just guess it. I often tell them Africa but then they answer they think it's America. People are really funny here because they ask questions they already know the answer to. It's been a long and tough week. Not many people want to spend time with us because they want to go party. We had a fun time with some Rastas yesterday though as we tried to share a message. They start going all "Deep" with us. "Have you ever prayed as the sun rises?" We joked around with them and said we don't know when the sun rises and they said to set the alarm clock for 4:30 am and try it out. Lot's of people are just out of their minds out here. I got a pretty small area so it's easy to get burned out. Just hoping someone comes this next week who isn't all partied out and is all the way there in their head. It's taking some patience and prayers but like my Rasta buddy Bob Marley said "Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Beach Fun

I caught a dog brushing his teeth. . .  he is ashamed

Missing Scouts?

My new friend

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