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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heading Back to South America

Well this week was pretty great! We took the mission president out teaching with us after I taught a District Meeting in front of him and his wife and man I was so nervous! I taught about our purpose and related it with the Book of Mormon and sharing that. Afterwards he did some interviews with members and then went teaching with us. He came for 2 lessons but man I was so nervous that it felt like I had taught the whole day after 2 hours. I was exhausted that day. I love my mission president though. He is such a great guy and really knows how to talk to people. Our lesson plans were not as good as we hoped and I was sweating not only because it was hot. After all of this we went out teaching and just finished off the day. That was the main highlight of my week. I have been so stressed here and my mission president has noticed that so transfer calls this week he has called me personally to go back to Guyana in Rosignol which is pretty close to Suriname. I served more towards Venesuala (or however you spell that) before. I am ready to get back to alligator wrestling and monkey holding. I will be much much more country side. They say the Berbice side is really fun. Probably will have no hot water again. Bucket showers are likely. 2 words make me know it's all worth it: Duck Curry. I love that so much! I look forward to eating tons of curry again. I probably won't have it as nice as I have the last 7 transfers being an island hopper. I am going to get some nice alligator stuff though. They have an alligator scripture case for about $50 US so I better get that now. It has a head clip closed to close it. It's so cool! Well I look forward to getting back to my roots I guess you could say.

Back to good old Guyana!
I will be finishing Elder Palavi's training. That is Elder Cox's MTC buddy.


Elder Kyle Joseph Brown
Pres. & Sis. Mehr came to our island & did visits with us

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