YOLO= you only live once (Jenni's contribution to the name of this blog) Elder Brown is only living once (for 2 years) in the beautiful West Indies, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the good people there.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hot Dog Curry

Well I am glad to be here in Guyana. Not much new this week. We don't have much places where you can buy food to take home and prepare so we eat mac and cheese if we eat at home. People usually feed us too so it's nice to have chicken curry made right out here. I made some hot dog curry which was not that good. The work out here is going good though. There is a lot to do. There are tons of opportunities for baptisms and people are pretty open to learning. There is a bit of contention in the branch so that has to be resolved but other than that there is so much opportunity for success. Yesterday the branch president kept saying the B word that means you have no father. He kept saying it because it says it in the Bible so church was interesting. I love the food out here and I am just having a blast! Not much left to say so see you all next week!

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