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Monday, September 29, 2014

Member Work is a Must!

Well this past week we got to go all the way to Georgetown at 5 am for Zone Conference and it was pretty good! We really discussed what we can do here to find more success as missionaries. Working with members is a must out here. This week has been a little tough though because people would tell us to meet with them on one day and then tell us they are busy and to come the next day and then we get the same story the next day. Oh well just going around and spreading the love to people. That's what the gospel is all about. We have been doing tie shopping out here too. You can get nice ties that are all official and stuff that come with a box for less than $5 US. One kid I met that is a member thought I was cool and funny so he just gave me a sweet Gucci tie! I was sure to wear it on Sunday to make him feel good. I guess his mom got offended because a while back she was told that she could not stand in a blessing but there was a big misunderstanding. She loves us now and wants to cook for us. That is what I love about Guyana. If they love you they will feed you. All I have to do is say "Me hungry bad boy!" and they laugh and feed me. We are currently working on a lady to get baptized for October 11 and she is really slow and kinda old. I would play a little game with her and say "What day are you getting baptized?" She would say "Eleven October!" I told her 100 times so she knows it now. That is how most of Berbice Guyana is. Really slow. I asked her what year she would get baptized and she said "Oh me not remember!" Her name is Elizabeth and she didn't know that it's 2014. We just gotta get her friends who are members involved and that's what we are going to do tonight. We are going to watch Abinidi and King Noah the cartoon because it shows Alma baptize a lot of people. And we shared that story about Alma baptizing and now we want her to see it. If I could say anything it would be that Member Work is a Must! I can't wait to help the missionaries at home! This week we have met people who are Muslim and Hindu and they don't know why they are Muslim or Hindu other than their family is Muslim or Hindu. It is important to have a testimony of your faith if that is Christian, Hindu, Muslim or whatever. Otherwise it looks kinda funny. Trying to teach Hindus is harder than I thought. You should teach them the Plan of Salvation but they usually just say "Cool I am Hindu." You gotta work with the Hindu converts to our church. One man who we work with gets drunk a lot but he has a good testimony for someone like him. It's good to take him teaching so that he doesn't drink. Well I fear baptisms because we don't have a font so we will do it in a trench. Hopefully a gator doesn't eat the person while you baptize because then you have to go to the Temple and just do confirmations for the dead. That would be really strange.

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